Grand Serbian Anti – Masonic Exhibition in Belgrade

On 1 January 1942 Milan Nedic’s “Vlada Nacionalnog Spasa” (Government of National Salvation) or Militärverwaltung (Military Administration in Serbia)—under the control of German SS Gruppenfuhrer Harold Turner and SS Untersturmfuhrer Fritz Stracke—issued four stamps to commemorate the Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition in Belgrade (22 October 1941 – 19 January 1942). These stamps depict a strong and victorious Serbia crushing an evil Masonic-Communist-Jewish plot for world domination. Author William Dorich purports that the inspiration for at least one of the stamps, if not the artwork, originated in Leipzig, Germany, some months before the war.2
1. Stamps in the collection of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon archives.
2. William Dorich, “An Open Letter”, The American Srbobran. Pittsburgh : Serb National Federation, 7 May 2007.


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