Archaeologists have discovered two 2400 years of pure gold bongs used by Aryan Chiefs – Video

Archaeologists have discovered two 2400 years of pure gold ‘bongs’ that were used by Aryan tribal chiefs to smoke cannabis during ceremonies. The history of drug use was found next to 7lbs of other golden elements when an area of land was dug up to Russia to make way for power lines. They had been buried in a stone chamber before being hidden by a thick layer of clay.

Since criminologists have carried out tests that indicate that the thick black residue found inside the vessels comes from cannabis and opium which the tribal royal smoked. Experts believe that the elements belong to the nomadic Scythians, a warrior race that ruled over vast expanses of Europe and Asia between the 9th century BC and the 4th century AD. This means that the so-called bongs could be one of the oldest of existence. Several historians say that the Scythians, smoked and sometimes brewed, a mixture of cannabis and opium in order to change their state of mind before leaving to battle. The famous Greek historian Herodotus, who died in 425 BC, wrote: “Cythians used a factory to produce smoke that no bath steam can exceed what shouts them.” The dig has also led to the discovery of gold cuts, rings and necklaces, all of which have since been cleaned and put on display in a Russian museum. “Antonn Gass of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation in Berlin said: “These are some of the most beautiful things we know about the area.”


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