The Easter Island. One of the most remote places of the earth, and without no doubt one of the most surprising. Before its official discovery at the end of the years 1700, this grain of rock has been thought to be just a legend. shipwrecked souls to throughout the world the chance to do, there has lived the rest of their days in total isolation. where the island is inhabited by a population of mixed race, it was a long belief that she had been inhabited since a few thousands of years.

However, some talented people have discovered the remarkable things on this territory is restricted, that said the opposite and supported the accounts of the vast history of the islands. If I say to you that not only is there an ancient pyramid hidden near the island. But that of the grid lines scoured in the face of the Easter Island. Draw the exact lines to multiple ancient sites in Egypt, including the pyramids in Giza. In the vicinity of the Rapa Iti, casts a very old and little-known pyramid, just what exactly is the Easter Island done with of the Pyramids and the characteristics of land that are clearly linked? Legend describes the Easter Island as having once been part of a “great country”. Glacial periods in succession during the Pleistocene would have lowered the level of the sea of at least 100 m and can be much more, which makes the Easter Island much larger than it is today. If we can prove in a near future which they are in effect of ancient ruins which litter the plateau submarine surrounding the island of Easter we will for the first time in the history, the evidence of the existence of advanced civilization before the last ice age, 11,000 years ago approximately. H.F. Blandford has stressed in 1890, citation, There was ‘The clear evidence that certain areas of land located in the continental limits have to the inside of a relatively recent date, been immersed more than a thousand fathoms. In Addition, it is proved land mass has recently been submerged in the same, due to countless mowii statues submarines found around the island. End of quote.

Easter Island is located approximately 500 km to the east of the crest of a chain of mountains submerged, has called the IS-Pacific. Within the so-called zone of fracture of Easter. The island is the summit of a huge mountain of volcanic origin. It must its triangular shape to three volcanoes located on its angles: Poike, Rano Kau, and Terevaka. In addition to these major volcanic centers, there is at least 70 eruptive centers subsidiary known. The coulees elder have been dated to up to 3 million years, has a large eruption of wells literally the majority of the land mass of the island of Easter, and if yes, what kind of ancient wonders have been placed on this earth lost. What was the island of Easter? And what happened to it, the more we learn as regards its specific location and secrets, the more it seems to become.



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