The Cave of Mithra’s – Initiation into The Deepest Mysteries

Mithraism, according to Wikipedia, was a mystery religion centred around the god Mithras that was practised in the Roman Empire from about the 1st to the 4th century. A lot of  men from the ancient period where said to have “emerged from the cave” and then moved forward in their life with great confidence and purpose – not to mention a healthy share or two of intelligence and wealth.

The Romans and the Greeks had their concept of glory, and every generation and nation will have theirs. Although times and conditions may change parts within a value systems, some values – lets call them the “incorruptible’s” –  will forever be the same. And discovering our core value is like hitting gold in the cave we are about to enter.

Mithraic mysteries had seven grades of initiations. Seven steps up that mysterious ladder which forever ascends into the unknown. Initiates called themselves syndexioi, those “united by the handshake”. They met in underground temples, called mithraea.

Interestingly enough, a Mithraic cave, or mithraea, was recently discovered near Tusla, OK, not too long ago.  It is referred to as ‘The Anubis Caves’. “The Anubis Caves consist of three insignificant-looking caves containing unusual carvings that depict the Egyptian jackal god Anubis, as well as a carving of a bull.” noted Epoch Times.


The Mystery of Mithras

The worship of Mithras can be traced back to ancient Hindu  periods. The god was often “invoked” to protect a treaty and keep peace between two opposing parties. The name can be seen written in The Rigvedas, a set of Hindu religious works whose origins and time are still disputed to this day.

The name ‘Mithras’ or “mitra” means “friend” or “friendship” in its original Sanskrit form. Which makes perfectly good sense whenever we put this word in motion and let it govern a set of actions under a particular condition. Why not “invoke” a good spirit and nature when resolving a personal conflict or dispute?

In the mythical/mystical play, Mithras, the Sun God, slays a white bull while in a certain astro-logical position. Think about how you feel “in the heat of the moment”? Hot as a Mexican summer and looking for someone to burn?

But are you willing to sacrifice that bull for the sake of peace?

Come on, stop the bull.


Self-sacrifice is a virtue that one has to build his character to accept.

The Romans and Greeks were men of thought, and contemplation was the first step towards personal salvation in their system. Hence the philosopher sitting before the first step of Plato’s School of Athens.

The Great Greek Philosopher was said to have entered ‘The Mysteries’ and his philosophical works were but covers concealing the teaching from some, while unveiling the mystery to others. Reading some of Plato’s works even the average person will come to the conclusion this broad character was about refinement, not just in mind, but in character – which was a common attitude we can see running through the words of other’s who were said to have”taken the oath” and entered the great mystery and emerged with a new light.

Why were some of the greatest minds of antiquity concerned with the character and virtues that a man sets his inner state in? We can speculate till the cows come home or we can see look at the proposed solution, or “elixir of life”, a new water to set his matter in, cleaning the mud of ignorance so his inner eye can see.

Hermes strikes his staff  against The Sacred Philosophers Stone.

The Seven Steps to The Ascension of Character

In man’s decent of character, he is said to have fallen through 7 rings, 7 cycles that keep orbiting around his lesser being – earth entangling him with their basic enticements. In the mystery school system, these teachings are given in terms of symbols, more often than not, in terms of cosmogony or “births” of patriarchs or other heavenly bodies and how they interact with each other over time.

Plato gave details on the natures of “Gods, as did other thinkers of this matter. Some are fixed principals, and then you have “gods”, or principals, which are unfixed and need a series of serious adjustments. And we all have mental attitude’s that need fine tuning, but not everyone is willing to be the one to take the strikes – much less be the one with the hammer chiseling away at his  ego daily for the sake of peace.

While they were building themselves up on the out, they often did so with a brick from the sacred temple within. And the initiate was a person selected because they, by choice, committed themselves to going within and restoring this wrecked and lost temple his unseen self lives in.

Because of his pure hearts intention, the God head hands him the tools and a blueprint for the new temple and waits for the construction to begin.

Then again, what mental image does the thoughtless man live up to? Or is he just ripped apart daily because of an untamed heart’s many desires; a victim to his own lower, primal appetites? The sad fate of the unexamined self.


In both freemasonry and the catholic systems, the motto “Faith, Hope and Charity” exist and these lights are banded together much like a star group or, as the Greeks and Romans put it,  “set of  sisters”. These graces are quite often depicted together in various systems, even the Homeric Myths there are several sets of 3 sisters, studying their names reveals their powers and strengths, which are virtues locked and hidden in that burial ground deep underneath the place of the skull, or ‘Golgatha’.

Sacrifice of some sort was always required for ascending up the ladder.

Because the initiations were for “men of age” regardless of their religious conviction, we can imagine the wide variety of people who learned from the mystery system. Since the teachings were done in symbols and presented in symbolical gestures and could easily be understood by any person regardless of their faith, we can see the core values of the teachings in the backbone of most religious, philosophical, mystical teachings of all nations. It was noted that traveling merchants and other foreigners could participate in “the mysteries…”


Mystery of The Seven

The initiate, wanting to redeem himself, was given certain labors to perform in hopes of overcoming whatever grip the “hands of the underworld” has on his lost and descended soul. We get this idea from a lot of the Greek heroic myths which were written by minds that were said to have being enlightened by some mystical sense to a higher degree than the common man. Homer, the Great Greek Poet, was said to be a man of mystical knowledge and higher learning.

For the most part, mans character is flawed in several areas and by various degrees; he can be a coward, which is remedied by acts which eventually solidify his bravery, but he must scorn his own soul within to make him do the acts on the out. Which is what we see with the hero Heracles, who quite often had dialogues indicating a fuss or debate with his inner character as he sought strength or sense in various tasks and matters he was called to act upon.

What your Seven will look like will depend on you. I cannot say definitively in what body or form you will recognize the principals descending down on your reality- all I can say is seek wisdom with all your heart, and let love govern your actions in this world of illusions.

As you seek your lost sister, you will notice the graces will begin to appear to you, quite often right under your nose.

Initiate your self into the deepest mysteries by going in the “mithraic cave” with a pure heart whenever you are ready.

Make a commitment, and don’t forget sacrifice the bull at every turn on your journey…




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