TobiWan: “I believe the Counter-Strike system is the best system”

Our own TobiWan spoke to Red Bull just after The Kiev Major invites were announced. He discussed this thoughts on the qualifier teams and format as well as what’s going wrong with Chinese Dota.


He began with discussing the direct invites, saying that he doesn’t question Ad Finem’s inclusion. When it came to SEA though, he spoke about Fnatic’s lack of a roster, then mentioned TNC, saying that they “didn’t beat anybody else who got invited. That is what it really comes down to, right?”

When it comes to the qualifiers themselves, Tobi pointed to the system Valve already has in place for CS:GO. “The better solution is always to have a LAN to do these qualifiers or at least an online into offline qualifier, but Valve shows no desire to do such a thing,” he said. “I believe the Counter-Strike system is the best system for that kind of qualifier.”

China are guaranteed five spots at The Kiev Major thanks to three direct invites and two qualifier slots, but the highest placing Chinese team in Boston was cn LGD.Forever Young at 5th-8th place, and every other Chinese team eliminated in the first round.

“They have a lot of potential, but there is also a lot of infighting which causes problems,” says Tobi. “I think right now stability is the biggest problem for China. If they can fix that they can be a contender again.”


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