The Great Empires of the World – Documentary

The Great Empires of the World

Ancient Persia – fearless, formidable, inexorable empire, not knowing unmatched in the conquests and wealth, which was headed by outstanding, ambitious and powerful rulers. Since our inception in 6 in. BC. until the conquest of Alexander the Great in the 4th century. BC. for two and a half centuries of Persia occupied the dominant position in the ancient world. The Greek domination lasted about a hundred years old, and after the fall of the Persian empire was revived when two local dynasties: Arshakids (Parthia) and Sassanid (New Persian kingdom). More than seven centuries, they kept at bay, first Rome, then Byzantium until 7. BC Sassanid state was not conquered by Muslim invaders.

The Persian Empire of the Achaemenid dynasty was established (Map 1 “Achaemenid Empire during its heyday”), which leads from the beginning Achaemenes, leader of the Union of the Persian tribes. Persians – is settled descendants of Indo-Aryan nomadic people, which is approx. XV century BC We arrived in eastern Iran from Central Asia and from there took Persis approximately in X century BC, displacing the Assyrians, Chaldeans and Elamites.


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